Thursday, December 19, 1996

Hand-Crafting Mystery

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

New films by Elise Hurwitz, Jurgen Reble, Ken Paul Rosenthal & Phil Solomon

Tonight’s filmmakers work directly with the surface layer of the film to create new meanings within the recorded image. Jurgen Reble was the leader of Germany’s ‘Schmelzdahin’, a group dedicated to physically undermining film’s mechanical recording process (they were an early inspiration for ‘silt’), and The Golden Gate, Reble’s most powerful work, “describes the spiritualization and renewal of devine fire by passing through the winter solstice”; in Elise Hurwitz’ Metal Cravings, “emulsions dripped across the frame trace patterns like in sidewalks”; Ken Paul Rosenthal’s Spring Flavor uses hand-processed images of Golden Gate Park to “chase the scent of light, the flavor of a flower sent.”; and Phil Solomon’s The Snowman is”a meditation on memory, burial and decay.” (All quotes by the makers).