Sunday, June 1, 1997

Harsh 70s Reality

Films by Robert Frank & Alan Arkin

San Francisco Art Institute

Tonight we present two rarely screened films that are soaked in the grit, gloom and hope of the 1970s, both set in New York City. First, Life Dances On (1979, 30 min.), Robert Frank’s stunning contemplation of several close friends, including a buddy from the Bowery, his son Pablo and daughter Andrea, and a blind man who learns how to film the wind. Then, Alan Arkin’s brilliant Little Murders (1971, 100 min.), a bitterly hilarious look at urban life in an age of senseless violence, with a wicked screenplay by Jules Feiffer. Little Murders stars Elliot Gould as a timid existentialist, Donald Sutherland as a stoned priest, the goofy optimist Marcia Rodd, and Arkin, caught in the crossfire. (Programmed by Joel Shepard)

Early Evening Experimental, June 1 Sunday 5:30pm
Morning (1968, 7 min.) and Wait (1968, 4.5 min.) by Ernie Gehr, See You Later/Au Revoir (1990, 18 min.) by Michael Snow, passage l’acte (1989) by Martin Arnold.