Sunday, May 27, 1990

Highlights from the Third New York Lesbian & Gay Experimental Film Festival

San Francisco Art Institute

Tonight’s program features selections from last Fall’s highly successful New York Lesbian and Gay Experimental Film Festival. The work represents the cutting edge of the Lesbian and Gay avantgarde, reflecting the cross-currents of A.I.D.S. activism, Lesbian-feminist identity, and non-commercial Gay cinema. Films include: Cirque du S.I.D.A. by Robert Hilferty; DHPG mon Amour by Carl George; Dream and Desire by Tom Chomont; Home Avenue by Jennifer Montgomery; Boys/Life by Phillip Roth; Song From An Angel by David Weissman; Still Point by Barbara Hammer; Fragments by Mike Kuchar; Ecce Homo by Jerry Tartaglia; and Automonosexual by Edgar Barens. Total running time: 80 minutes.

pictured above: Song From An Angel (1988) by David Weissman