Sunday, October 6, 2002

Holly Fisher's Kalama Sutta

Seeing is Believing

San Francisco Art Institute

I make films to explore the unfamiliar, to go beyond borders, myths, clichés, or other assumptions about how we see the world. Past, present, future, circle in a construct of on-going present-ness, or presence. In the end I seek to ignite a heightened sense of being alive. Kalama Sutta is a meditation on the political and cultural upheaval in the country of Burma. The nation’s Post-Cold War legacies of militarism, ethnic genocide and environmental abuses are linked in this collage-like ‘living history.’ Yet Burma here acts as a conduit to explore common vulnerabilities in an increasingly globalized world. History, memory, and myth collide and find resonance in what is missing-between frames, images and ideas. (Holly Fisher)