Wednesday, November 9, 2005

How to Philosophize with a Flicker

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

“What then is truth? A movable host of metaphors…”
—Friedrich Nietzsche

Less of a “how-to” manual than a hall of mirrors, these works move beyond the True, the Beautiful, and the Good to pose their questions with a flicker, wrestling with the world of appearances and searching out subjective spaces rather than smashing them to smithereens. In Tony and Beverley Conrad’s Straight & Narrow, visual perception is subjectivity. Peter Rose’s video-poem-performance-lecture Metalogue, takes on the simulacra by becoming inseparable from it. Stephanie Barber’s Dogs employs sophistry and sock puppets in a hyper-reflexive enclosure play. Barbara Sternberg’s Like a Dream That Vanishes interviews philosopher John Davis and plunges us into the fleeting, miraculous temporality of cinema itself. In Corinna Schnits’ Living a Beautiful Life, simulation is all: no questions, only answers, and unreliable ones at that. Plus surprise works by Libby Hux, USCO, Liotta. (Jeanne Liotta)