Saturday, November 16, 2002

In The FlickerFlash

Brava Theater Center

An 18th Film Arts Festival of Independent Cinema and San Francisco Cinematheque co-presentation

Traversing the trials and tribulations of experimental film is never easy but whoever said it should be. IN THE FLICKERFLASH is a program of experimental shorts that challenges narrative convention and satisfies the thirst for formal innovation. Each film seeks to find just the right method of expression. The program aptly begins with Brett Simon’s seductive ode to narrative film/celluloid, The Flickerflash, and ends with Tom Gibbon’s masterful animation, The Hunger Artist, based on a Kafka story. Along the way we encounter Anjali Sundaram’s clever and humorous stop motion piece, Buckle My Shoe, the stark, mysterious 1,020 Nautical Miles by Marcy Saude and Lynne Sach’s mesmerizing domestic still life, Window Work. The program also includes a group of poetic, enigmatic and elegiac films by Sanghee Park, Waratap Pasayadaj, Anita Chang and Drew Klausner.

The Flickerflash by Brett Simon, 4 min, DV, color, 2002; An Elegy To our Small Selves by Anita Chang, 10 min, BETA SP, color, 2002 [SF]; Hands by Sanghee Park, 4 min, 116mm, color, 2002 [WC]; Buckle My Shoe by Anjali Sundaram, 3 min, BETA SP, color, 2002 Unknown by Drew Klausner, 3 min, 35mm, b & w, 2002; Path by Waratap Pasayadaj, 4 min, 16mm, b & w, 2002 [W]; 1,020 Nautical Miles by Marcy Saude, 5 min, DV, b & w, 2002 [W]; Window Work by Lynne Sachs, 8 min, BETA SP, color, 2002 [SF]; The Hunger Artist by Tom Gibbons, 16 min, 16mm, color, 2002