Sunday, December 16, 1990

Ink, Pixel, Xerox, Clay

An Evening of Animated Films

San Francisco Art Institute

Despite the success of the International Tournee and its spin-offs and imitators, a treasure chest of independent animation remains unseen. Tonight’s program samples from this store: the S.F. premiere of Paul Glabicki’s Under the Sea Z (1989), a tour de force inspired by travel and the observation of new places; Sally Cruikshank’s Face Like a Frog (1987), featuring music by Danny Elfman; Suspicious Circumstances (1985), a post-modern film noir by Portland color-xeroxer Jim Blashfield; Fecundation (1981) by Chicago filmmaker turned science fiction writer David Hauptschein; the surreal and lyrical Agnes Escapes from the Nursing Home (1988) by Eileen O’Meara; Stephen Kirklys’ mock psychostudy of childhood trauma, Playing with Blocks (1986); Chris Sullivan’s spectral depiction of death, Master of Ceremonies (1986); and John Adamczyk’s cinematic whirl through fractal geometry, Recurrents (1988). Total: 82 minutes. Notes and Program by E.S. Theise.

pictured: Face Like a Frog (1987) by Sally Cruikshank