Friday, October 11, 1996

King Kong vs. Superfly

The Werepad

Oct 11 and 12, Friday and Saturday, 9:00PM

A Massacre at Central Hi/Cosmic Hex co-production in association with the SF Cinematheque.

Jacques Boyreau, Scott Moffet, and Cornelia Jensen present a pulse-plowing showcase of Massacre at Central Hi aesthetics. “First the simulvision of “King Kong vs. Superfly,” arguably the baddest blaxploitation bonanza ever to bust into your brain like a bomb with the biggest boogie you’ve ever seen, baby. Then, a sample of “Hollywood Shrapnel A.D. 1972,” a surreal happening of exploitation and dimebag child, scum and grace, Boris Karloff and glam rock, short attention spans and the abyss, nigger luvvers and soul brudders, followed by a very special screening of “Dimebag Child vs. Art Fag.” Be amazed at how time and space is only something your mind creates.”(JB)