Sunday, May 9, 2004

Landscapes of Potential

California College of the Arts

“[P]hotographs remind us that landscape is not an act of fate but of human choice, and seem to ask, “What would you like this landscape to become, bearing in mind what it was and what it is?” (Philippe Arbaözar) The works in this program focus on re-presenting the ‘natural’ landscape as a site of information exchanges. By framing the landscape and its horizon line, the image begins to function as site of potentials-a virtual space simultaneously inhabiting pasts, presents and futures. Included in the program is David Rimmer’s Local Knowledge, Oskar Fischinger’s Munich/Berlin Walking Trip, Steven Topping’s Reading Canada Backwards, Thomas Comerford’s Shaumberg, IL: Figures in the Landscape, Kurt Kren’s Tree Again and Megan Michalak’s Event Horizon. (Maïa Cybelle Carpenter)