Wednesday, July 19, 1995

Light Energies

Landscapes of the Mind

de Young Museum

How does living here affect the brain? These films offer a timeline of fantasies and reveries inspired by the Bay Area as a place of discovery. Four In The Afternoon (1951) by James Broughton, Beat (1958) by Christopher MacLaine, All My Life (1966) by Bruce Baillie, Looking For Mushrooms (1961-67) by Bruce Conner, The Great Blondino (1967) by Robert Nelson & William T Wiley, I Change I Am The Same (1969) by Alice Anne Parker (a.k.a. Anne Severson), Women’s Rites or Truth is the Daughter of Time (1975) by Barbara Hammer, Studies For Land’s End (1995) by Phil Solomon. Lynn M. Kirby’s film-installation Landscape No. 3 (1995) will be on view in the Trustee’s Auditorium foyer beginning 30 minutes before show.