Thursday, April 10, 2008

Live Cinema

A Contemporary Reader

Artists' Television Access

Tonight we celebrate the release of Cinematograph Seven, Live Cinema: A Contemporary Reader, edited by Thomas Beard, with a blowout event on the verge of raucous cinematic madness. Join us for the rhythmic analog anomalies of Refraction (“performative cinema with motion film and sound delivered by mechanical means”), presented by collective members of Wet Gate and Cine Pimps; the patchwork performance of Sue Costabile, aka SUE.C, which combines a crafty amalgam of photography, watercolor, hand-made paper, fabrics and drawing into a dark and moody textural milieu; and the convulsive vintage video-scape mash-ups of SoCal duo Animal Charm, as we commemorate this elated occasion. Come for the “live cinema” delirium and flip through the pages of our publication of honor. This fine volume, available tonight includes documentation of Brian Frye in conversation with Guy Sherwin, Lia Gangitano on Luther Price’s performance films, Ed Halter in conversation with Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder, program notes by Bruce McClure with annotations by Tess Takahashi, and Mike Plante on Animal Charm, as well as other essays and ephemera from Cory Arcangel, Zoe Beloff, silt and Ian White. (Jennifer Blaylock)

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