Thursday, November 15, 2007

Live Cinema

Delicatrocity Exhibition: Demons/ Tarantism/ Arford

Ninth Street Independent Film Center

Witness tonight’s unfolding: an aural-optic remedy for dyspepsia, constipation, sick headache dizziness, low spirit caused by disordered stomach, neuralgia, kidney and liver complaints, bilious attacks, piles, malaria, and general debility! Demons-the wrecked-synth duo of Nate Young (Wolf Eyes) and Steve Kenney (Isis)-erupt amidst a live vortextual video drone by Alivia Zivich. An uncontrollable bout of Tarantism (Sharkiface vs. Anti-Ear) flails boundlessly, with their lurid McCarthy-mounts-Kuchar eruption of spastic sonic ticks, screeches, and invasive manhandling in The Black Tar of Midnight, an eye-opening epic of overwhelming magnitude. Scott Arford’s stroboscopically epilectric video-generated audio attack rewrites the sensory registry. Come one, come all for this delicatrocious social massage and mood enhancement. (Christine Metropoulos)