Feb 23

Thursday, October 25, 2007

@ The Exploratorium at the Palace of Fine Arts

Live Cinema: Walls of Sound

Program 1: Lit Cavities in the Face Open Their Glassy Embrace to Receive You

Presented in association with The Exploratorium

“STRUCTURE is derived through the division of a whole into parts. In my cinematic equation formal considerations are directed towards the projector where the convergence of light lines and sound evolve into an interactive play between ourselves and the character of this phenomenal apparatus. Film, meanwhile, is a cinematic server, carrying meaning by sheer presence.” (Bruce McClure) Running custom-made film loops through a three-deep array of modified projectors, Brooklyn-based projectionist/ performer Bruce McClure creates immersive sound/light experiences which reach far beyond the cinematic ecstasy, fusing sound and image in hallucinatory frenzy. (Steve Polta)
Screening: Rack & Slide; Nethergate

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