Saturday, November 10, 1990

Living in the American Dream

Films & tapes by Lewis Klahr, Tom Rhoads, and Eric Saks

Eye Gallery (now closed)

A program of hallucinatory reveries drawn from familiar material of everyday American life, reconsidered in an absurd and fantastical light. Lewis Klahr’s latest installments from Tales of the Forgotten Future (Five O’Clock World: The Organ Minder’s Gronkey; Hi-Fi Cadets; and Verdant Sonar) further expand his landscape of recombined images and objects, moving at the edges of narrative with dream-like unpredictability; Eric Saks’ two videotapes made with the Fisher-Price toy camera, Don From Lakewood and You Talk, I Buy, filter otherwise mundane social exchanges through a variety of low-budget effects into maddening and hilarious psychodramas; and Tom Rhoads’ Mr. Wonderful offers an obsessive and unsettling journey through childhood kitsch. (Total: 70 min.)

pictured: Hi-Fi Cadets by Lewis Klahr