Tuesday, March 10, 1998

Look Harder

Asian American Experimental Shorts

Sundance Kabuki Cinemas

Presented in Association with the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival

From the raw-edged to the poetic, a program of experimental shorts by Asian American film and video artists. Reworking home movies, found footage, Super 8, hand-processing, multimedia and the kitchen sink, these pieces run the gamut from intimate personal essays to astute social commentary. Work screened: Seven Scenes by Miya Suzuki; Look Harder by Stuart Gaffney; here, there, somewhere by Lawan Jirasuradej; Myself, Portrait by Christine Lee; Looking for Wendy by Kimberly SaRee Tomes; Pre-Menstrual Spotting by Machiko Saito; Mommy, What’s Wrong? by Anita Chang; Letters to a Stranger by Ray Wang.