Thursday, November 2, 1995

Look & Listen

A Film/Sound Laboratory

Roxie Theater

Co-presented as part of the 11th Annual Film Arts Festival
Dedicated to the Memory of Kevin Deal
Organized by Steve Dye
Local media alchemists mix, whip, and blow up a wild improvisational evening exploring the relationship between sound and image. From visual artist Lynn Kirby and saxophonist Glenn Spearman’s video and sonic collaboration (Altamont Pass) to the Dactyls’ spin on the classic theme of orchestra for film (King Midas), these films and videos are presented with real people making real sounds, live and in person. Also: The All Projector Orchestra multi-layered collage spectacle (Wet Gate), Cory McAbee of Billy Nayer Show fame with a new film, horn player Nick Phelps accompanying a new film by David Michalak (Start Talking), Bonnie Kaplan talking in her sleep (Bedbug). and many surprises. For more information, call 415/552-FILM after Oct. 7.