Thursday, May 4, 1995

Love and Dingleberries

Alyce Wittenstein and George Kuchar

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

A pioneer of the “Cinema of Transgression” movement, Alyce Wittenstein (No Such Thing as Gravity) takes a radical look at the AIDS crisis in this special sneak preview. In The Deflowering (1994), the mutation of the virus leads to an all-out war against nature. People have learned to enjoy wearing “safesuits” and the manufacturing of customized children. Booming new industries have developed. Meanwhile, teams of defoliators futilely attempt to stop an epidemic of fatal allergic reactions to pollen. A sly genetic engineer proposes a solution, but will the corporations allow their profits to be decimated? Starring Emmanuelle Chaulet, Taylor Mead, Steve O., and Holly Adams. Then, three delirious new video epics from the irrepressible George Kuchar, The Gifted Goon (1994) Portraiture in Black (1995) featuring Mark Finch, and the pugnacious Nirvana of the Nebbishites (1994) starring Blackie the cat and Peppy the Magic Puppet.