Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bruised Jewels: Films by Luther Price, program II

Luther Price in person

Artists' Television Access

presented in association with the California College of the Arts
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In pre-millennial times filmmaker Luther Price was infamous for deeply personal and aggressively visceral super-8 films (Sodom, Meat, Eruption Errection, Bottle Can) which enacted primal domestic psychodramas and/or probed the psychosexual extremes of physical experience. Moving ever onward, the 21st century 16mm films and dazzling hand-made slide work of the stridently defiant filmstrip fetishist continues to confront. Based on abjected found footage—variously looped (hideously), attacked (viciously), and over-painted (gloriously) to the point of delirium—Price’s works are dazzling bruised jewels, overwhelming to viewers in their brutal physicality, their profane beauty and their disjointed, almost limbic, narrative fragmentations. Following major screenings in 2012 at the Whitney Biennial and the New York Film Festival, CCA and Cinematheque are proud to host Luther Price for two screenings—his first in-person appearance in the Bay Area in over a decade. (Steve Polta)
NOTE: Each screening in this two-part series will feature Luther Price in person presenting a different selection of films each night. Slide wrorks will screen on Wednesday, Nov. 7 only. Film titles to likely to screen in the series include fancy; The Biscuit Day; Deaf for Chicken Lip; Kittens Grow Up; Dipping Sause; September Song; Inside Velvet K; selections from the Ink Blots series, possibly including Aqua Woman, Sleep, Shelly Winters and The Biscuit Song; and chapters from the ongoing insectoid Christ saga Sorry, possibly to include Horns and Walking the Cross “Quatch”.