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Carolee, Barbara & Gunvor (2018/work in progress) by Lynne Sachs

As prelude to Cinematheque’s two-part series Light Moves Like Sound Waves: Lynne Sachs & Stephen Vitiello, we’re proud to offer Cinematheque members exclusive preview access to Carolee, Barbara & Gunvor.

From 2015 to 2017, Lynne visited with Carolee Schneemann, Barbara Hammer and Gunvor Nelson, three multi-faceted artists who have embraced the moving image throughout their lives. From Carolee’s 18th Century house in the woods of Upstate New York to Barbara’s West Village studio to Gunvor’s childhood village in Sweden, Lynne shoots film with each woman in the place where she finds grounding and spark. — Lynne Sachs

Light Moves Like Sound Waves is a two-part screening series documenting the five-year collaborative relationship between filmmaker Lynne Sachs and sound artist Stephen Vitiello. “In collaborating on the soundtracks for my films, Stephen somehow recognizes the interior sounds of objects and releases them for us to hear. Together his music and his sound designs push audiences toward a new way of experiencing cinema.” (Lynne Sachs) This two-part series is presented at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (November 3) and the Center for New Music (November 4). Lynne Sachs and Stephen Vitiello in person at both screenings.
Cinematheque Members admitted FREE the November 4 screening!