Sunday, April 14, 1996

Mexican Surrealism and Subversion

Luis Buñuel's Death in the Garden

San Francisco Art Institute

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to discover one of Buñuel’s lost masterpieces in a sparkling new 16mm print! “… should not be missed. Set in the backwaters and jungles of an unidentified South American dictatorship, Death in the Garden is a large-scale narrative that takes on the state, church, the military, society and the individual in such a way that you feel the director must have intended this primeval locale to be a kind of psychological mirror-image of the Franco Spain from which he exiled himself.” (Vincent Canby, 1977) Preceded by: Simon of the Desert (1966), Buñuel’s scathing religious satire of St. Simon Stylite’s attempts to preach the word of God despite the Devil’s efforts to tempt him. (Programmed by Joel Shepard)