Monday, March 29, 2010

Naomi Uman: Ukrainian Time Machine

Ovila Ampitheater at USF

Naomi Uman in-person
presented in association with the USF Film Studies Program & Cinema Project

While exploring family roots in Ukraine, American filmmaker Naomi Uman lived in Legedzine, a small village near the center of the country, and made Ukrainian Time Machine—employing the same diary-film style as seen in her past works Leche and Mala Leche—about the people there. Together with friends from the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles, Uman rented a van, bought a gas-powered generator and headed out across the country. Once in a new town, they simply asked for permission to do a screening, advertising the show over their speaker system and inviting people one by one. Many attendees said to Uman, “This is the way that we live; you have captured that. We ourselves could never have made this film. We do not see these things about ourselves as something to film, yet you have made a truly accurate portrait of our lives.” This outdoor Cinematheque screening will recreate the unique atmosphere and exuberance of the Ukraine roadshow. (MIKE PLANTE)
Naomi Uman: Ukrainian Time Machine (2008), 100 min.

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