Sunday, June 15, 1997

New Lesbian Work & Selected Highlights of Pratibha Parmar

San Francisco Art Institute

Radical documentary (A Place of Rage, Warrior Marks) and now also fiction filmmaker Pratibha Parmar joins us from London with a selection of some of her earlier groundbreaking works as well as a sneak preview of new pieces-in particular a new short fiction, Wavelengths, a story of lesbian love and cybersex… hot off the editing table. Parmar’s work has always challenged traditional documentary form, both in its focus on marginalized voices, whether South Asian, gay and lesbian, the disabled, or African American women writers, and also in its use of the poetic and the performative to explode stereotypes and create a vision so strong and empowering that we cannot help but be transformed. Tonight’s program will suggest some of the breadth of Parmar’s vision, from early politically and aesthetically activist documentaries (Sari Red, Khush, Double the Trouble, Twice the Fun) to her newest work. (Programmed by Irina Leimbacher)

Early Evening Experimental June 15 Sunday 5:30pm
Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania (1971-71, 82 min.) by Jonas Mekas