Craig Baldwin: Science in Action

pictured above: Spectres of the Spectrum (1999) by Craig Baldwin

INCITE: Journal of Experimental Media and San Francisco Cinematheque invite proposals and submission for the forthcoming publication, Craig Baldwin: Science in Action, a compendium documenting the work of acclaimed filmmaker and curator CRAIG BALDWIN (b. Oakland CA, 1952), an inspiring and influential figure in contemporary media arts.

Craig Baldwin: Science in Action

Editors: Brett Kashmere and Steve Polta
Submission Deadline: August 1, 2019
Projected Publication Date: November 2020

AS A FILMMAKER, Baldwin’s works represent a radical fusion of form and content. Formally, his films are constructed largely (in the artistic traditions of surrealism, dada and collage) from audiovisual material appropriated from pre-existing films (including newsreels, science fiction films and more). In this, they represent a radical stance toward media culture as a participatory field. As an artist, Baldwin engages with mainstream media as an adversary, using its languages in ironic opposition. In this way he talks back to corporately produced media and creates inspiring, wildly imaginative works which profoundly challenge the nature of one-way media consumption.

AS A FILM CURATOR, Baldwin is known for “Other Cinema,” an extensive series of film/video programs he has personally organized in San Francisco on a schedule of 36 programs per year since the late 1980s. Like his films, Baldwin’s Other Cinema represents a radically expanded approach to film exhibition, media consumption and cultural engagement. Baldwin’s approach questions the status of film as purely a fine art, going further to include: ephemeral forms of film history (including industrial and educational film), expanded cinema performance, and presentations on the histories of obsolete media as well as frequent screenings of forgotten “underground” films. Seeing the screening event as a place for the exchange of ideas, Other Cinema often includes in-person guests presenting not only cinematic artworks but expounding on ideas of media and cultural theory. As a committed and highly imaginative curator, Baldwin has inspired countless artists and kindred film programmers.

Craig Baldwin: Science in Action will elaborate the significance of this work. In doing so, it will be the first critical text to examine the artist’s films analytically as a coherent and meaningful body of work and critical artist’s statement. Furthermore, Science in Action will be the first extensive look at the cultural impact of Baldwin’s Other Cinema curatorial project.

We invite writers and artists to propose contributions on various aspects of Baldwin’s interdisciplinary work. Texts can be submitted for one of the following sections:
— Essays between 5,000 and 10,000 words (please send 250 word abstract/proposal for consideration by April 15)
— Personal responses between 500 and 1500 words
— We also encourage artistic interpretations, artwork, ephemera and nontraditional texts.

Texts, proposals and queries can be emailed to info@incite-online.net with the subject line, “Science in Action.” For further details about our editorial policy and submission guidelines, please consult the Information section of our website: incite-online.net/informationweb.html

— April 15, 2019: Deadline for 250-word essay proposals
— August 1, 2019: Deadline for draft submissions.