JULY 31: CROSSROADS travels to Minneapolis

CC14 – CROSSROADS: thank your body for its strength and power (7/31/16)


On Sunday, July 31, Steve Polta will join Cellular Cinema in Minneapolis to present a touring program of experimental film from San Francisco Cinematheque’s annual festival, CROSSROADS.

Founded by filmmaker Bruce Baillie in 1961, San Francisco Cinematheque is a premier exhibitor of avant-garde/experimental and personally expressive filmmaking. Each year since 2010 Cinematheque presents CROSSROADS, an annual film festival celebrating recent artist-made film, video and performance cinema. Visiting from San Francisco, Cinematheque’s Artistic Director Steve Polta appears in person to present and discuss a program from CROSSROADS 2016. The program thank your body for its strength and power concerns delirium, danger and risk; physical, emotional and sexual intimacy; the state of bodies on screen, merging and in collision; boundaries asserted, transgressed and violated. (Steve Polta)

Films to screen include: Body Contours by Kristin Reeves; Soliloquy by Gina Basso; the problem is that everything is fleeting by Karly Stark; between us by Coral Short; Magnetic Resonance by Malic Amalya & Nathan Hill; Hold On byBettina Hoffmann; Her Silent Seeming by Nazli Dinçel; Landform 1 by Stephen Broomer; Jenny & John by Heather Trawick; Vito Acconci’s Pryings (1971/2014) by Nishat Hossain; Something Horizontal by Blake Williams; and Yi-Ren(The Person Of Whom I Think) / 伊人 by Tzu-An Wu. Full details on the original screening available here.

This screening is presented in collaboration with the Altered Esthetics Film Festival.