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Announcing new additions to our online store!

Cinematheque is pleased to offer The George Kuchar Reader and #20 Paul Clipson: REEL.

The George Kuchar Reader
SEPTEMBER SPECIAL: Buy now and get a complimentary George Kuchar illustrated Cinematheque tote bag!
We celebrate this release on October 18 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts with editor Andrew Lampert in person, an expansive anthology exploring the writings of George Kuchar. The most comprehensive collection of writings on Kuchar to date, this volume features film scripts, comics, drawings, paintings, correspondence, autobiographical musings, tales of UFO encounters, student recommendation letters, emails, photos, film stills, and a wide range of ephemeral, often hysterical autobiographical and critical writings by the late auteur behind such underground film classics as Hold Me While I’m Naked, The Weather Diaries, and I, an Actress. Published by Primary Information.

#20 Paul Clipson: REEL
This beautifully crafted 287-page book, published by Land and Sea Editions, collects approximately 15 years of drawings and notes from Paul Clipson’s job as head projectionist/AV tech at SFMOMA. The drawings illustrate the moment before the “cigarette burn” (a symbol used in film projection to indicate when to change the reel of film) as a reference intended to assist part-time projectionists. As well as insight into Clipson’s largely unknown drawing abilities, REEL archives a partial history of the films screened at SFMOMA. Get one now!