SFC Calendar. New! Improved!: September-to-December embellished with (in)complete details!

It can finally be revealed! San Francisco Cinematheque presents…

José Antonio Sistiaga: ere erera baleibu icik subua aruaren
with a new score composed and performed by Savage Republic
THU 24 SEP • SFMOMA Measurement in the Impermanence [curated by Tomonari Nishikawa & Vanessa O’Neill]
SUN 27 SEP • YBCA Gustav Deutsch: FILM IST. a girl & a gun
TUE 29 SEP • SFAI Of Heaven & Earth: Tom Chomont [curated/introduced by Kyle Stephan]
TUE 6 OCT • CCA Shocked by Existence: Ken Jacobs
THU 8 OCT • SFMOMA Robert Beavers program I [curated by Susan Oxtoby]
FRI 9 OCT • YBCA Robert Beavers program II [“]
SAT 10 OCT • YBCA Robert Beavers programs III & IV [“]
SUN 11 OCT • CCA Eyes Upside Down [curated/introduced by P. Adams Sitney]
TUE 13 OCT • DSSR Dreaming Awake [curated/introduced by Gerry Fialka]
FRI 23 OCT • YBCA A Tribute to Chick Strand [curated by Dominic Angerame
& introduced by Bruce Baillie, Irina Leimbacher, Steve Anker and others]
THU 29 OCT • MT Hollis Frampton: Zorns Lemma & A Lecture [curated/introduced by Michael Zryd]
WED 4 NOV • CCA In Present Tense: Ute Aurand
FRI 6 NOV • YBCA Running Up That Hill [curated/introduced by Michael Robinson]
WED 11 NOV • CCA Movement as Meaning [curated/introduced by Daniel Barnett]
THU 19 NOV • SFMOMA Deborah Stratman: O’er the Land
FRI 20 NOV • SFAI Yvonne Rainer: “One Day When I Was Growing Up…”
SAT 21 NOV • SFAI Yvonne Rainer: Journeys from Berlin/1971 [curated by Vanessa O’Neill]
SUN 22 NOV • SFAI Yvonne Rainer: Privilege [“]
TUE 24 NOV • MOR Cinematheque Salon: Cinematheque Sing Along [curated by Jonathan Marlow]
TUE 1 DEC • YBCA Owen Land: Dialogues
FRI 4 DEC • YBCA Holding Patterns & Collective Memories: Elise Baldwin & Kadet Kuhne [curated by Steve Polta]
THU 10 DEC • SFMOMA Recent Restorations: George & Mike Kuchar

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