Season’s Start: & a Kickstart(er) for Crossroads

No doubt you’ve noticed that we’ve announced the new season. No? Take a look at the Calendar tab above and all shall be revealed!

We’ve got the next three months covered. What about the months thereafter? Our fiftieth anniversary? It’s honestly too early to comment. We will be revisiting Crossroads, though, and we could use your help!

The second annual Crossroads Moving Image Arts Festival, produced and presented by San Francisco Cinematheque, will arrive in spring 2011. As a showcase for recent and rediscovered avant-garde and experimental works, Crossroads creates an international forum where artists can meet and share their ideas.

Over the course of four days at the Victoria Theater (in San Francisco), Crossroads will feature an extensive program of new films, archival restorations and live projector performances by more than 30 national and international artists. This is the only event of its kind on the West Coast!

Expenses for Crossroads include:
* Filmmaker Travel
* Guest Honoraria
* Promotional Materials
* Venue Rental
* Projectionists
* Print Rentals
* Filmmaker Accommodation
* Festival Catalogue

The inaugural Crossroads was a tremendous success. We need your help to make the next one even better! We’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign with various levels of support (and assorted rewards for each level, too). In Kickstarter lingo, please “back this project now!