Eight Down…: …Eighteen Ahead!

Where has the time gone? After our remarkable Return to Canyon and our astonishing Eames weekend with Liz Keim at the Exploratorium, the Cinematheque season (of presentations and co-presentations) continues with a centerpiece of sorts: the official publication of Radical Light and an assortment of associated screenings throughout the weekend at the Pacific Film Archive. In fact, it might be easiest to think of this as a Wednesday-to-Wednesday (13- to 20-October) celebration!

If you attended everything (as you should), what would you see? Works by Robert Nelson, Gunvor Nelson & Dorothy Wiley, Lawrence Jordan, Anne Severson, Bruce Baillie, Lenny Lipton, Peter Hutton, Craig Baldwin, Gibbs Chapman, Peter Conheim, Thad Povey & Alfonso Alvarez, James Broughton, Curt McDowell, George Kuchar, Max Almy, Chip Lord & Mickey McGowan, Scott Stark, Anne McGuire, Karen Johnson, Jerry Abrams, Anne Severson, Connie Beeson, Scott Bartlett, Skip Sweeney, Hy Hirsh, Loren Sears, Philip Greene, Stephen Beck & Jordan Belson, Mike Henderson, Freude, Curt McDowell, Barbara Hammer, Barbara Linkevitch, George Kuchar, Bruce Conner, Abigail Child and Joe Gibbons. Consider the ten days ahead as a crash course in the remarkable possibilities of moving image arts!

It is our great privilege to participate in this extensive survey of Bay Area “underground” filmmaking. It requires more involvement than you might imagine to pull a series of this size together. Therein, thanks to everyone involved in these exceptional events. In particular, sincere acknowledgment and congratulations are due to the three primary folks behind the book: Kathy Geritz, Steve Anker and Steve Seid. Without them, this series would not exist!

Screenings continue in San Francisco throughout November and December and conclude in 2011. Be certain to visit the associated exhibit at the Berkeley Art Museum as well (featuring a number of items from the Cinematheque archive selected by Steve Polta).

As for Kickstarter? We reached our goal! Many thanks to all of the contributors.