Seasons End/Begin: Out (with the old). In (with the new).

Where did the time go? It seemed like we were only starting and now it is over. One of our most successful seasons ever, incidentally.

Perhaps you can’t wait for more screenings, more events, more of everything? You won’t have to wait long! The new season will be announced Wednesday, 20-January (2010, natch), early evening (7:00pm to be exact) at the Studio for Urban Projects (3579 17th St., between Dolores and Guerrero, in San Francisco). All Cinematheque members are invited to attend this highly anticipated event. Not a member? No time like the present to join!

In the interim, all we can mention at the moment is that the Winter/Spring season begins on 20-February and that day (and the day after) will include a few activities that you’ll definitely want to attend. One more detail: we’re flying in folks from around the world for this mysterious (and ambitious) event. Want to know more? More information — participants, location and so forth — will follow in the weeks ahead.