Support CROSSROADS 2017

2017 marks the eighth iteration of CROSSROADS, presented in partnership this year with the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, May 19–21.

This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for Cinematheque, and for the vibrant and dynamic field of artist-made cinema. We must rise to this occasion, raising funds that are required to fully support the festival.

In this endeavor, we call upon you for your participation.

You will be supporting:
9 programs of curated, contemporary artist-made cinema
59 moving-image works
4 live audiovisual performances
58 artists representing 15 countries
34 artists entirely new to CROSSROADS

CROSSROADS […] is not only a marvelous and wide-ranging film and video festival; under the stewardship of Artistic Director Steve Polta, it has evolved into a vital one for those of us hoping to keep abreast of new directions in the field. It’s also a realm of improbable discovery and surprise.
… It’s a beautiful thing to get your face blown off, aesthetically speaking…

—Michael Sicinski, A Blistering Light at Crossroads Film Festival

We are truly at the crossroads. In this moment, we urge you to lend your support with a contribution, and thank you in advance for your consideration.

Yours in solidarity and anticipation,

Christine Metropoulos                                            Steve Polta
Executive Director                                              Artistic Director

Board of Directors   
Robert Avila (P) | Allison Leigh Holt (VP) | Ellen Lake (S/T)
Kadet Kuhne | John Lightfoot