Friday, March 25, 1994

Open Screening — March 1994

San Francisco Art Institute

The Cinematheque hosts an open screening where the public is invited to present recently completed films and videos under 15 minutes in length. Acceptable formats are Super 8 and 16mm film, and 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch video. Works must be submitted to the Cinematheque office by 6 PM Wednesday, March 23rd to be included in the program; all films and tapes received by then will be shown. No in-progess work, please! The order of presentation will be posted on the front door of the theater 15 minutes before show time. Guest presenter this evening will be film and videomaker Rebecca Barten, who will kick off the event with a sampling of her recent work. Barten writes, “As a carnivore of reality, a phenomena maniac, in my work I am paradoxically looking for a point without an elsewhere, a free zone where you may wonder if it is you who has ejected penetrating waves of a strong smelling musk secretion into the pleasant atmosphere.”