Sunday, June 2, 1996

Orgone Cinema Orgy

San Francisco Art Institute

Pittsburgh’s only Orgone Cinema and Archive (Alisa Dix, Michael Johnsen and Greg Pierce) will present a program reflecting their homemade approach to showing film. Operating since 1993, Orgone has hosted a flurry of events from improvised projection performances to visiting filmmakers (Kurt Kren, Anne Robertson, tentatively a convenience and others). They reflect a no- bullshit, non-academic approach. A deadly serious joke wrapped in stickers and posters cooked up in their shop-garage with theme snacks, raffles, door prizes and sober lectures. Pushing a pro- love, pro-film agenda, the orgone kids will do their liveliest, sincere best to get you to agree with them. Films include How (Much) Male Organ Functions During Sex Act,, The Boris Spassky High Frequency Comb and others. Also: a four-projector, onscreen loop performance, Ex-Lax and a double analytic projector performance with their “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”.