Mar 16

Sunday, December 11, 2005

@ Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Promiscuous Cinema

Program 11: The Drowned World, Live Text/Sound Works

Presented in association with 23five Incorporated

Two sound artists converge, fusing projected video and poetic texts with immersive sound environments. Scott Arford’s Song of the Station weds a 1912 poem by Giorgio de Chirico to time-lapse imagery of a San Francisco waterfront warehouse; witness to the passage of time, the Little Station’s impassivity subverts surveillance’s stare into a screaming accusation of the viewer’s vulnerability. Developed from his compositional work with electro-acoustic fountains, Kenneth Atchley’s de Quincy Levitation is a submersion of language beneath rich sound fields: “guilt-ridden opium reveries compressed and magnified into a static stream of flattened space where reference and surface coexist impenetrably.” Live vocals provided by Kattt Sammon and Dean Santomieri. Also: Josh Russell’s Wall Mounted Gas Heater Overheating and Shutting Down. (Steve Polta)

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