Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Promiscuous Cinema

Program 12: Overdoing the Movies, A Big Band Covers the Standards

California College of the Arts

Presented in association with Hugo Ball Room Productions

Ted Brinkley (Evander Music, Bay Improvisors) shoehorns his large ensemble into Cinematheque’s screening space for an evening of celebrating and subverting movies made in San Francisco neighborhoods. With the original soundtracks muted, Brinkley’s orchestra performs a reverse visual kino-karaoke, ‘covering’ a montage ‘setlist’ of ‘standards’ of cinema, with an accent on the history of filmed San Francisco. All scenes were shot in SF in the last 108 years, featuring behind- or on-camera contributions from Th. Edison, Lon Chaney, Joan Crawford, Bogey, Elsa Bannister, ‘Scottie’ Ferguson, Harry Callahan, Frank Bullitt, James Bond, Barbra Streisand and others. Five genres will be represented: the newsreel, the film noir, the foot-chase, the car-chase, and ‘psychedelic.’ (Konrad Steiner)

On Ted Brinkley: “Upon misreading the title of a well-known album and concluding that “Jazz Goes To Collage”, he could no longer recall how jazz managed to get itself sent up the river.” —nach o’hargman, editor, College Jazz and Halftime Daily