Friday, September 30, 2005

Promiscuous Cinema

Program 5: One Day This May No Longer Exist

Ninth Street Independent Film Center

Presented in association with Film Arts Foundation

Three artists investigate the cinematic apparatus through the media of performance and installation, voicing nostalgia, intimating impermanence. Mauricio Ancalmo’s sculptural work introduces the 16mm projector to a collection of similarly cast-off devices—sewing machine, phonograph, word processor—detouring the 16mm strip’s serpentine route through unimagined paths and surprise encounters. On display will be his charmingly monstrous room-sized works Autonomous; 1871©; and Opposites Attract OST. Alex MacKenzie, with twin analytics, will present his lush and melancholic Parallax, a long-form live sound/pix mix using archival industrial footage to weave a complex dream collage on change, impermanence and the demands of each present moment. Also: a rare West Coast autumnal unveiling of Jeanne Liotta’s live Summer Solstice. (Steve Polta)