Sunday, November 13, 2005

Promiscuous Cinema

Program 7: Crosscurrent Of Indelible Fragments

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

John Reily joins forces with EPIC[abridged] and Owen O’Toole to create an eclectic evening of Super-8, video, and live performance. Reily’s films, such as Intrepid Truculence, Never Stop Seething and Aristotle’s Lantern, blend whimsy and angst in animated single-frame spectacles. These dreamscapes frequently explore elements of decay, renewing our senses by destroying our sensibilities. EPIC[abridged] (Christian Bruno, Charles Kremenak, Steve Dye, Biagio Azzerelli, Eric Steinberg, Arturo Cesares), formed to musically re-interpret ‘digest’ versions of B and art house classics, will accompany some of Reily’s work. Nonet (Reily, Kremenak, O’Toole) conclude the evening with a multiple Super-8 projection performance with live sound from dead tech media. (Irina Leimbacher)