Sunday, October 26, 2003

PsychogeographiC CinemaP 2: Remote/Fantastic

California College of the Arts

Cinematheque’s second installment of cinema about the psychic effects of our cities and lands. Picking up where the documentary leaves off, featured artists map the Borgesian labyrinths of constructed narrative space in video games, feature films and drawings. Chip Lord shuffles the two most famous San Francisco car-chase scenes in Movie Map. Peggy Ahwesh’s She Puppet subverts the gaming environment of Lara Croft, using her video martial-art to neutralize Tomb Raider’s violence and explore its graphic terrain. Jeanne Moreau takes her melancholy long walk home across the alleys and backlots of Milan. Peter Greenaway’s narrator takes us on A Walk Through H using elaborate fictional maps to guide the journey. We also will screen the fastest and most illegal trip across the streets of Paris ever recorded on film. (Konrad Steiner)