Saturday, June 17, 2006

Queer Experiments

Roxie Theater

Co-presented by San Francisco Cinematheque and Frameline

This program of queer experimental shorts begins with 7,200 Drawings of Bill T. Jones, an animated rendering of the dancer/choreographer from a San Francisco performance. Using archival footage and intense editing, Matt Palazzolo offers insight into the experience of queer teens growing up in a digital society in Green Room. Shon Kayli’s Drafting Dimensions is about an artist who visits her past while the military plans her future. Purge, by Etienne Kallos, is a lyrical, emotional journey of a young gay man struggling to come to terms with his HIV+ status.

Stitching together pieces of horror and sci-fi Bmovies, scraps of vintage children’s books and science texts, Mark Taylor’s Sensing the World by Echo presents an unconventional narrative about growing up feeling like an alien from outer space and finding one’s place in a mad world.

Two guys give their take on trying to connect in the city, describing their mutual attraction and doubts in Cameron Groves’ World’s Worst Architecture. Fre’de’ric Moffet provides a queer rewriting of the events surrounding the 1968 National Democratic Convention in Jean Genet in Chicago.

7,200 DRAWINGS OF BILL T. JONES dir Rudy Lemcke 2006 USA 2 min video, GREEN ROOM dir Matt Palazzolo 2005 USA 6 min video, DRAFTING DIMENSIONS dir Shon Kayli 2005 USA 22 min video, PURGE dir Etienne Kallos 2005 USA 14 min video, SENSING THE WORLD BY ECHO dir Mark Taylor 2006 USA 18 min video, WORLD’S WORST ARCHITECTURE dir Cameron Groves 2005 Canada 8 min video, JEAN GENET IN CHICAGO dir Fre’de’ric Moffet 2006 Canada 25 min video in French & English with English subtitles