Sunday, December 1, 1996

Queer Irony

An evening dedicated to those living with AIDS

San Francisco Art Institute

Cathy Lee Crane is a Bay Area curator and filmmaker who has presented programs at the Victoria Theater and the MIX Festival in New York. Tonight ‘s program “stretches genre conventions and basks with subtle humor in the sometimes incongruous complexity of simply being here”.(CLC) Ira Sachs’ Lady is a verite portrait of a prostitute at home (with Dominique Dibbell of Five Lesbian Brothers); Rae Rea’s Third is a Warholesque view of lesbian lovers at loose ends; Marget Long’s Houdiniana shows one girl’s obsession with Houdini and the drama of escape; Crane’s Not for Nothin‘ is an homage to early sound film which follows cabaret performer Rodney O’Neal Austin on his search for the Beloved; plus more. Dominique Dibbell and local filmmakers will be present.