Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Luminous Projections—Light in Bay Area Film and Performance

Pacific Film Archive

Radical Light: Alternative Film & Video in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945–2000

A monolithic survey of a half-century of Bay Area alternative media culture, meticulously researched and edited over the course of a decade by Kathy Geritz and Steve Seid (of Pacific Film Archive) and former Cinematheque director (and current CalArts Dean) Steve Anker. Published by University of California Press, Radical Light includes articles, artist pages, and profiles of over fifty artists, curators and historians, comprising a truly comprehensive and kaleidoscopic compendium documenting the legacies of this vibrant community. Together with Pacific Film Archive and the Berkeley Art Museum—each presenting significant associated exhibitions—Cinematheque’s Radical Light programs celebrate this publication, as well as the organization’s own fifty year history, with a series of guest curated programs presented by several of the book’s contributors. (Steve Polta)

A co-presentation with Pacific Film Archive
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Panama-Pacific Exposition at San Francisco, Cal. (excerpt) (1915); Kerry Laitala: Retrospectroscope (1997); Minyong Jang: The Dark Room (2001); Michael Wallin: Fearful Symmetry (1981); Nathaniel Dorsky: 17 Reasons Why (1987); Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder: EXIT (1999–2011)