Friday, May 19, 1995

Regular 8mm

Saved from Extinction

San Francisco Art Institute

“January ’93, Kodak ‘discontinued’ regular 8mm film, a much misunderstood medium greatly loved by many, ‘due to insufficient market demand…'(their words), that left a lot of folks upset. Tonight’s program exhibits the entire gamut, from ‘smokers’ (200 ft. porno reels—thousands of which were made during the 60s and 70s) to trailers (Trailer for the Masturbation Film Festival), documentaries (Before Gentrification Hit, soundtrack by Caroliner), home/travel/vacation movies, abridged versions of classics, and ‘personal’ work by auteur/pioneers from the 50s and 60s (Mike Kuchar). Roughly 1 hour with ‘talk’. Plus, the unveiling of a new local magazine, Marginal Film. Bring down those 8mm films out of your closet to be shown as part of the program & get in free. Also, we’re gonna be giving away film to the first 50 customers.” (TC)