Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Remembering Dennis Hopper

Curtis Harrington's Night Tide

Victoria Theatre

co-presented with Cosmic Hex in association with The Vortex Room

Tickets: members: $7 / non-members: $10
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Curtis Harrington (1926–2007) stands as an underappreciated figure in the history of West Coast avant-garde filmmaking. Deeply inspired by the surrealistic ethos of compatriot Maya Deren, Harrington’s early poetic films works, which recall the work of his occasional collaborator Kenneth Anger, are studies of fantasy and subtle atmospheres, glimpses into fantastical realms equally glamorous and occult. This belated memorial screening to this undersung auteur includes a very rare screening of his 1955 short The Wormwood Star (featuring Marjorie Cameron) and his first feature film, the equally rare, Night Tide (1961), featuring the late great Dennis Hopper (1936-2010) in his first leading role. Inspired largely by the atmospheric approach to horror pioneered by Val Lewton and James Whale, Night Tide is a somnambulistic dream film of sailors and sirens, set on the seaside boardwalks of Southern California. Prints Courtesy of Academy Film Archive. (Steve Polta)

Curtis Harrington: The Wormwood Star (1955) 8 min. [Restored by the Academy Film Archive. Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.] & Night Tide (1961) 84 min. [Restored by the Academy Film Archive with support from The Film Foundation and Curtis Harrington. Print courtesy of the Academy Film Archive.]

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