Thursday, March 14, 2002

San Francisco Cinematheque: Four Decades of Film & Video

Program 1: The New Generation, A Celebration of Recent Bay Area Films & Videos

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Bay Area Films & Videos The series begins with a program of films and videos highlighting some of the younger Bay Area experimental moving-image artists frequently represented at the Cinematheque. Installations: Michael Rudnick’s Animated Glasses, Lynn Marie Kirby’s Photons in Paris: Image Encoding. Film and Video Screening: Steve Polta’s Estuary #1 (Constant Passage), silt’s Pieces of a River Shore, Greta Snider’s Flight, Kerry Laitala’s Hallowed, Thad Povey’s Thine Inward-Looking Eyes, Rodney Ascher’s Somebody Goofed, John Muse and Jeanne C. Finley’s Language Lessons, Konrad Steiner’s Bum Series and Michael Rosas-Walsh’s Lake Orion.