Apr 15

Sunday, March 17, 2002

@ San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

San Francisco Cinematheque: Four Decades of Film & Video

Program 5: 1991-2000, Cinema in Reflection

The films on this program are deeply reflective works on particularities of cinematic space, and the majority are makers who emerged during these last ten years: Gunvor Nelson’s Time Being, Phil Solomon’s Figure/Ground (The Snowman), Janie Geiser’s The Fourth Watch, David Sherman’s Tuning the Sleeping Machine, Luis Recoder’s Magenta 1, Martin Arnold’s Passage à l’acte, Peter Tscherkasskey’s Outer Space, Cade Bursell’s Skate, Jeanne Liotta’s Muktikara, Shuo-wen Hsiao’s Intrude Sanctuary, and Ken Jacobs’ Georgetown Loop.

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