Sunday, March 17, 2002

San Francisco Cinematheque: Four Decades of Film & Video

Program 5: 1991-2000, Cinema in Reflection

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

The films on this program are deeply reflective works on particularities of cinematic space, and the majority are makers who emerged during these last ten years: Gunvor Nelson’s Time Being, Phil Solomon’s Figure/Ground (The Snowman), Janie Geiser’s The Fourth Watch, David Sherman’s Tuning the Sleeping Machine, Luis Recoder’s Magenta 1, Martin Arnold’s Passage à l’acte, Peter Tscherkasskey’s Outer Space, Cade Bursell’s Skate, Jeanne Liotta’s Muktikara, Shuo-wen Hsiao’s Intrude Sanctuary, and Ken Jacobs’ Georgetown Loop.