Wednesday, April 24, 1996

San Francisco International Film Festival

Resurfacing the Screen

Sundance Kabuki Cinemas

Co-presented by the Pacific Film Archive and the San Francisco International Film Festival.

These films resonate between the familiar and the mysterious, between recognizable and obscured surfaces. In Elise Hurwitz’s Strain, Restrain, traces of the physical emerge from a sea of black, recalling the fragility of memory. Ariana Gerstein’s Losing Touch disrupts the image itself through cutting and fracturing. Peter Hutton’s Study of a River subtly connects the flow of the Hudson River to the flow of human and film time. Altair is Lewis Klahr’s “cutout animation, using ’40s Cosmopolitans to create a sinister, perfumed world.” (LK) David Sherman’s haunting Tuning the Sleeping Machine delves into the seduction of our collective movie-going past. Bruce Conner’s Crossroads, in a stunning new 35mm print, creates an extended meditation on A-bomb mushroom clouds unfolding. Curated by Kathy Geritz and Steve Anker.