Wild Night In El Reno (1977) by George Kuchar

Thursday, May 30, 1985, 8:00 pm

American Landscapes


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

A program of films drawn from and reflecting aspects of the American landscape:

Films: Haste (1985) by Konrad Steiner, 22 min.: “Freight train burial grounds in San Francisco” (K.S.); Density Ramp (1984) by Jeff Rosenstock, 17 min.: “A film about rhythm and structure” (J.R.); Fearful Symmetry (1981) by Michael Wallin, 15 min.: “Uses precisely determined single-framing, to give movement to static space, to give life and energy to solid objects, to duplicate/mimic the eye’s true movements…” (M.W.); Eclipse (1979) by Linda Klosky, 3 min.: “the movement of light during a total eclipse” (L.K.); Pilotone Study #1 (1976) by Tom Brener, 12 min.: “…treats the relationship between accident of object in space and the object as controlled, expressive element” (T.B.); The Wold Shadow (1972) by Stan Brakhage, 2½ min.:”…this then my laboriously painted vision of the god of the forest” (S.B.); Wild Night In El Reno (1977) by George Kuchar, 6 min.:”…documents a thunderstorm as it rages in full fury above a motel in May on the southern plains” (G.K.)