Weather Diary #5 (1989) by George Kuchar

Sunday, February 11, 1990, 5:00 pm

Another View — Feb 11 1990

Selected Works Re-Screened


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

In this film and video series, Cinematheque is rescreening new or rediscovered works recently shown within its regular program. This is not intended as a best of or highlighted series. By offering second screenings, Cinematheque hopes to both widen the audience for these works, and allow an opportunity to re-examine them. Admission is free. 

Refried Broccoli (1985) by Leslie Singer, color, video, sound 5 min. (Screened: 12-2-89); Weather Diary #5 (1989) by George Kuchar, color, video, sound, 35 min. (Screened: 10-19-89); Green (1988) by Tom Rhoads, color/B&W, super-8mm, sound, 36 min. (Screened: 11-11-89); Ecce Homo (1989) by Jerry Tartaglia, color, 16mm, sound, 7 min. (Screened: 12-14-89)