The Bladderwort Document (1978) by Janis Crystal Lipzin

Sunday, November 15, 1987, 8:00 pm

Arc de Triomphe: The Power of Super-8


800 Chestnut Street

San Francisco, CA, 94133

The Cinematheque celebrates its new super-8mm high intensity arc projector with a program of highlights from the past decade, the first in a series re-viewing some of the films which most sensitively work with the properties of the ‘small-gauge’ medium. Included are: Fragment by Ellen Gaine, a study about the interplay of the four classic humours — fire, earth, water, and air; The Bladderwort Document by Janis Crystal Lipzin, a “modest diary film made in 1978 on a farm in southwestern Ohio named after the only insectivorous plant native to North America; Desert by Stan Brakhage; Wavings by Medora Ebersole, a two-part film concerning wind movements, shadows, oscilloscope patterns and color fields; and Notes of an Early Fall by Saul Levine, a major work which functions on many levels — as autobiography, as record of a culture, and as a meditation on the moods and rhythms of being alive.