Sermons and Sacred Pictures (1989) by Lynne Sachs

Saturday, June 10, 1989, 8:00 pm

BAY AREA SPECTRUM: New Films & Videos

Programmed and presented by Ed Jones


1151 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA, 94103

San Francisco filmmaker Ed Jones is a long time devotee of ‘no-budget’ filmmaking who is preparing a retrospective of Bay Area films for the I.C.A. in London.  “Asked to program a show for Cinematheque, this is what I came up with: Stuart Cudlitz’s new and beautiful digital integration of dance and painting, The Prisoner’s Cinema; Barbara Coley’s new Yes Means No and her older but still tuff Venus Quo; Lynne Sachs’ loving presentation of film footage from the 1930s by a pioneering Black documentor, Sermons and Sacred Pictures; Tim Blaskovich’s Play, a supple camera-dance through Europe; my new lashing-out at the hand that just doesn’t feed me, But How Are They Going To Make Me Pay? and Bemused in Babylon; and Jeanne Finley’s demolition-derby/accident-report Accidental Confessions. (E.J.)