Saturday, September 30, 1989, 8:00 pm

Camera Culture


1151 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA, 94103

Tonight’s program critically addresses the influences of media in determining behavior and identity in contem­porary life. Patrick Clancy and Gwen Widmer’s Camera Culture: Still Wild (1988, 22′) “compiles zones of ‘Bound Footage’ within asyntactic media formats. Crisscrossed by micronarratives, our strategies are to release points of view which are speculatively linked to the original artifactual materials.” Patricia Gruben’s Sifted Evidence (1982, 42′) was a pivotal feminist film, whose “complex interplay of verbal linguistic and cinematic relationships can be seen as a strategy for challenging the conventional structures of narrative cinema and the patriarchal traditions in which that cinema is embedded.” (Kay Armitage) Holiday In Simulation (1987, 5′) by Elizabeth Berry questions our ability to discern reality through media’s modes of representation.